Where is God? The Glasgow School of Art Fire

Many people were horrified when they heard of Mackintosh’s School of Art being destroyed by fire for a second time. With it went the ABC, in its own way a significant Glasgow building where the people of Glasgow saw their first silent films in the earliest days of cinema. I didn’t know quite what to think…other than that’s surely now the end for yet another piece of fine Glasgow architecture. It now appears the outer shell can be saved, albeit at great cost. Many more people had a much greater emotional investment in the Art School than me. Many thousands of young people have spent formative years there, learning from dedicated and talented artists…so many memories, so many emotions. Th

Aithisg bhliadhnail / Annual Report

It has been a privilege to serve St Columba's as Interim Moderator during the past year. The term Interim Moderator when applied to a congregation in the Guardianship of a Presbytery is a clear misnomer. Whilst I have the powers, and largely the duties of an Interim Moderator in a vacancy situation, there is nothing interim about this post. In exactly the same way there is nothing temporary about the position of our Pastor Graham Morrison, on whose skills and dedication I have greatly relied for another year to make my job much less demanding than it would otherwise have been, even though his misleading title, “Locum” would imply something short term or stopgap. It has been nothing of the

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