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Ministers of the Congregation

On 16 February 2023, St Columba Gaelic Church linked with Blawarthill congregation, where they now share the church building.  Rev. G. Melvyn Wood, who had served as Interim Moderator for seven years, became Minister of the newly linked charge.  This brought St Columba's vacancy of over 13 years to an end. He served in Largs, Cullen & Deskford and Lausanne before his Induction to Blawarthill in March 2009.

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Graham Morrison

Graham Morrison ministered to the congregation from 2010 to 2019 as locum tenens.  He was the leader of worship each Sunday, in Gaelic and in English and gave pastoral care within and beyond the congregation, particularly in the Gaelic language.  Before joining the Church of Scotland, he had extensive experience preaching in other churches, both in and around Glasgow where he has resided for many years, and in his native Isle of Lewis.

Rev. Donald Michael MacInnes, BD, who was born in the Isle of Lewis, was ordained and inducted to St. Columba Gaelic Church in 2002 following a career in teaching.  He demitted in 2009 and was inducted to the charge of Gairbraid in Maryhill, Glasgow.

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Rev. John (Jack) M. M. MacArthur was a native of Lewis.  A former President of Glasgow University Union, he had ministries at Durness, Carloway and Broadford, Parish of Strath, Isle of Skye, before being translated to St Columba Gaelic Church in 1989.  He retired and demitted the charge in 1996.

Rev. Donald N. Macdonald, MA, a native of North Uist, was inducted in 1981, following ministries in Haddington and Partick.  He trained as a journalist and worked for a time with the BBC.  He was a former Rector of Stirling University, Deputy Leader of the Iona Community and a founder of Partick Housing Association.  He demitted the charge in 1987.

Rev. Angus F. MacKinnon, MA, was born in Skye.  Before coming to St. Columba he had been minister in the parishes of Glenelg, Glenorchy & Inishail and Strath (Broadford, Skye).  Translated from Strath in 1955, he retired in January 1981.

The Very Rev. Dr. Alexander MacDonald, MA, DD, was a native of North Uist.  Having ministered at Glengarry, Kilmichael Glassary, Stevenston and St Mungo Alloa, he was inducted to St Columba in June 1929.  Elected as Moderator of the General Assembly, 1948-49, he demitted his charge in December 1954.


Rev. John M. Munro, MA was born at Devonport in 1867. He was ordained to the Parish of Insch, he then served at Tarbert, Campbeltown and West St Giles Edinburgh before his translation to St Columba on 18 June 1925.  Translated to Kilmartin on

health grounds in 1928.

Rev. Dr. Alexander MacKinnon, MA, BD, PhD, was a native of Tiree.  He was ordained at Tarbert in 1907 and later moved to Grosvenor Square Presbyterian Church, Manchester.  In 1918 he was admitted to St Columba.  He gained his PhD from Glasgow University in 1922.  He was translated to Kilmonivaig in 1925.

Rev. Dr. John MacLean BA, MA, BD, DD was born in Tiree in 1839.  Ordained at Kilchoman in 1867, he translated to Tarbert in 1880, and had the honorary degree of DD conferred on him in 1887 by Glasgow University.  In December 1888 he became minister at St Columba.  He demitted the charge in June 1917.

Rev. Lachlan McLachlan, minister of Tain, was inducted to St Columba on 5 October 1882.  He translated to Kilmore & Kilbride, near Oban on 16 December 1887.  He died there in 1891.

Rev. Dr. Robert Blair, MA, DD, VD was born at Dunoon and brought up in Bowmore, Islay.  He was ordained at Tarbert, Loch Fyne in 1867 and translated from Tarbert to St Columba in May 1869.  He moved to Cambuslang on 23 May 1882.  He died in Edinburgh in 1907.

The Very Rev. Dr. Norman MacLeod, FRSE, born 1838, was the nephew of his namesake and predecessor, and son of Dr. John MacLeod of Morven.  He was ordained as Colleague and Successor to his uncle in 1861 at the age of 22.  He was translated to Blair Atholl in May 1868, thence to St Stephen's Edinburgh and in 1890 to Inverness.  In 1876 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  Later conferred honorary DD, and elected Moderator of the General Assembly, 1900.  He died in 1911; his memorial in Dean Cemetery Edinburgh is pictured here.

Norman McLeod Caraid na Ghail.jpg

Very Rev. Dr. Norman MacLeod was born at Morven in 1783.  Minister of Campsie, he was invited to Glasgow, with the prospect of a new church being built, and was translated from Campsie on 13 December 1835.  In 1836 he served as Moderator of the General Assembly.  In 1837 the old Gaelic Chapel in Ingram Street was sold to the British Linen Bank and the new church in Hope Street dedicated to St Columba was opened in 1839.  An influential writer and campaigner, MacLeod used his influence to secure Government aid for the Gaels during the potato famines of 1836-37 and 1847, earning the soubriquet, 'Caraid nan Gàidheal' (Friend of the Gael).  He was Chaplain to HM Queen Victoria and Dean of the Chapel Royal.  He died 25 November 1862.

Rev. John McLaurin was ordained Missionary in Mull in 1791.  Admitted to the Gaelic Chapel, Ingram Street,

11 January 1798.  Died 8 August 1835.

Rev. Angus McIntosh was ordained 18 October 1792.  Translated to Tain, 11 May 1797.

Rev. John Fraser was appointed 11 June 1783 and translated to Kiltarlity 10 May 1792.

Rev. Hugh McDearmit preached in a new church, built by the Trustees of the Highland Kirk, in Back Cow Lone, on the day it opened for worship - 18th February 1770.  The church faced on to Queen Street before the formation of Ingram Street.  Mr McDearmit was

called as the first minister in 1771 and was

ordained on 14 May 1772.  He was translated to Arrochar on 11 May 1780.

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