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New Constitution - New Resolve

At a meeting of the congregation on Sunday 31st March, the congregation resolved, unanimously, to adopt the Church of Scotland's Unitary Constitution. This will mean that the Kirk Session becomes responsible for all matters of governance, including finance and fabric, as well as spiritual matters. The Unitary Constitution is in many ways more suited to the present day, and this change, we trust, indicates the willingness of members and office bearers to rise to the challenges being faced by the congregation as we seek to serve the Gaelic and Highland community in Glasgow and beyond.

It was heartening that in both the vote of those on the congregational membership roll, and that of adherents, the support for the recommendation of Board and Kirk Session was unanimous.

The Unitary Constitution gives more flexibility in the governance of our church, and more efficiency, as it cuts down on the number of meetings people need to attend. For me, as a busy Interim Moderator, that is particularly appreciated.

I hope however that last Sunday's ready acceptance of change also indicates a willingness to tackle other pressing matters with imagination and openness. At the last Kirk Session meeting, Presbytery representatives were in attendance. I was heartened and encouraged by their avowed intention to listen carefully to our views, as we discern where God leads us in the future. Recently I have felt there has been insufficient openness and some unpreparedness of all interested parties to work as a team. Mutual respect on all sides is greatly needed, and will tend to the best possible outcome, as we discover how best to reach out to our people in Christ's name in the present time. Both the shape of future ministry and the demands of our beautiful but problematic sanctuary will be top of our agendas in the next few years.

We have now taken a small step to better prepare us for the work ahead.

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